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Since I am from the Czech Republic, I truly love any references about our beautiful country in anime and surprisingly, not only those I imagine but also the real ones cause yes!!! They actually exist!

Some people might not understand this cause for example USA is mentioned almost everywhere. However it's kinda rare to find Czech Republic in some foreign films and other kinds of art. Memorable are moments of Radek Zelenka from Stargate Atlantis. I almost exploded of joy when somebody from Czech Republic appeared in the best TV show ever!

Here's a Czech text in case some of my countrymen find this:
Česká republika v anime! Omlouvám se lidi, ale tento web je anglicky proto tady píšu jenom takový odstaveček, abych nezazdil Česko, když je to vlastně o něm. Prostě tu je pár odkazů na anime, kde je zmíněna, nebo nějakým způsobem vystupuje Česká republika. Jinak...screw it! Naučte se anglicky!

Anyway, here we go:

Code Geass

I admit this is not very convincing but it's just the beginning ^_^". Well here we are, on... on the map.

Code Geass anime


Ok, ok it's more or less the same as Geass but...just wait, wait...

Anohana anime


See? See? Here's even the name hehehe.

Kuroshitsuji anime

Cowboy bebop

Nice right? I mean, it's that little badge. It has our flag on it. Cool huh?

Cowboy Bebop anime

Higurashi no naku koro ni

Here's another flag. On the TOP!!!

Higurashi anime


Kinda old anime but a Czech character!!! To be more precise Czechoslovakian but it's almost the same. We have just split into two, you know like kage bunshin or something.

Noir anime


Ok, till now all the references were a bit vague. Now brace yourselves cause the most incredible anime comes in. A significant part of this anime is set in the Czech Republic, there are Czech texts, references on our places and even spoken Czech language. Honestly, it's terrible! Respect to the Japanese voice actors, they tried at least. But in one scene there is TV where a native Czech speaker speaks in the news or something. This anime has a warm place in my heart.

Monster anime 1 Monster anime 2 Monster anime 3 Monster anime 4

So Ra No Wo To

Read the names carefully. Martina Syrovy is clearly a Czech name, even though it's somehow transformed to English. Correct would be Martina Syrová.

So Ra No Wo To - Martina Syrovy

Shinsekai Yori

The Ienikaeru aka Going Home song that is one of the main themes of this anime is a classical piece from the New World Symphony composed by a Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.

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