The goal of human life. Enlightenment, sainthood?

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What is the goal of a human life? Honestly, I don’t know and I believe nobody can tell for sure. Some people might say, To find this goal or a meaning but what does that mean and how can that help you to find it? What is this article even about? Let’s call it a short meditation.

People always look for something solid, something that will finally bring them the inner peace. Some think that wealth, fame, career can make them somehow satisfied. Some people look in the different direction and seek it in knowledge and spiritual growth. But what is this it, what is this inner peace? What is that people want most? Is there something that everyone should aim for? Or is it something that we all seek even though most of us don’t even realize that? So many questions. The problem is not that we don’t know the answer. There is also so many answers. Becoming a saint, one with God, enlightened, awakened, a master of whatever one does in his life, rich, famous etc.

I was raised as a Christian, Catholic and I am an active one. However I find many other religions interesting as well, especially Buddhism (I know, some people don’t like to call it a religion but whatever). I pray to God and I meditate. I used to think a lot, diving deep inside the theories about reality, about God, about this world. I have read many philosophical books, saw many films. But as the famous philosopher said I know that I know nothing (I am not Jon Snow though). The more you learn, the more questions appear. The more wealth you get, the more you want. Is there any end to all of this? Can anyone finish this game of life? What is the last level, where is the final boss? (maybe death but what if there is an reincarnation o_o)

Nevertheless, I do believe that even though everything is relative and depends on each other’s way of thinking, there is also something absolute in this world. Happiness! People say there is good and evil, sadness and happiness which are just our definitions. Yes, one situation can be good or bad, depends on what you take from it. Depends on what you expected of it. But I do believe that good is more than evil, happiness is more than sadness, love is more than hatred. Not very philosophical but who cares?

14th Dalai Lama said that happiness is the natural state of mind. We simply change it by our affections and clinging to stuff around and inside us. What about trying to stop thinking for a while. Enlightenment is not something you have to discover through some impossible thoughts and philosophical insights. Enlightenment is hidden everywhere, especially in the ordinary moments of our lives. Stop the rush of our daily life. Enjoy the tea you drink, enjoy the moment you hug your granny, enjoy the book you read. Living here and now. You have probably heard this many times. How to do that anyway? There is no tutorial because there are no instructions needed. It is as it sounds. One can think about one simple thing forever. There is no end to the complexity of human thoughts. Stop them and enjoy the moment. I like this Japanese proverb Ashita ha ashita no kaze ga fuku – Tomorrow will blow the tomorrow's wind. Forget everything and just be.

Tea in a Japanese temple

Whatever you do is never more important that love. Sharing your love with other people and showing them this love is what matters. Yes, you can get money and houses and cars which will make you happy but this happiness is still restricted. What happens when you lose the new expensive car? You’ll become sad. What if someone disturbs you just the moment you have sat down prepared to meditate. You’ll most likely feel a bit disturbed :-). Why not being happy because you can be happy. We all feel sadness and hatred. It is normal to feel it. Feel it to the fullest but be prepared to let go of it as well. Why not becoming happy because of what you did for the others. There is never too late. There is no past nor future, only present. By spreading the love, one slowly discovers that there is more than just his own visions, his own expectations and so called duties. (remember that there is nothing you have to do, only things you want to do) That is the power of love, the highest form of meditation. It makes us free by sacrificing ourselves because of the others. (so maybe it's not a sacrifice at all because we get more than we give...did I mention that one should not think too deep?)

OK, I talked a lot and it was all a bit confusing. Here I am going to tell you my answer (that I don’t know :D). There are many ways, everyone is different and has his own path. There are no instructions of how to live a good life. There is a way to measure how your life is though. Not how it is compared to the others. It is simply a way to find out if there is something to work on. How much are you happy in your life? Happiness is a choice. Seeking good in people instead of lamenting how evil they are. Learning from the mistakes instead of feeling guilty. Trying to become a better man instead of being depressed of the past. Visiting someone who needs it and spreading the joy instead of spending all the time in work. Why do I need to gather the mud of this world? How different it is from building a sandcastle at the beach where the next wave is going to take it back to the see? One has to live in this society somehow of course, work, make money. But everything is about finding the harmony, the balance!

TL;DR Don’t think much, enjoy every moment you can, don’t put stuff too close to your eyes (otherwise you won’t see what’s behind) and visit your granny sometimes. If you do that, you are enlightened. :-)

By the way, check out the prayer of Saint Francis. That’s a cool thing!

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