Who were the angels in the Bible?

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Who were the angels in the Bible?

We see angels in the Bible and other religion related stories very often. Who are they? A fat, young boys that we know as a statues from the baroque churches? Tall, noble, shining beings in golden armor with white wings? Or perhaps strange mysterious men hidden in the cloaks with hood? The word "angel" is derived from Latin where it means "the messenger of God" and even Latin got it from Greek and eventually from some oriental languages where it meant something like "messenger" or "courier".

Seriously? I don't know! But there was one theory that came on my mind. I don't like to talk too much about nothing so I will try to tell you what I mean by this short story. It's really a simple example that might reveal to you my opinion on this matter. Now please stay awhile and listen....

"A long time ago lived one old merchant. He was doing pretty well, had a good wife, four smart sons who were as good merchants as himself and a huge cattle herds that would be good enough to feed one town for weeks.

One day he had a strange dream. He saw his brother that lived in a nearby village in danger. A huge lion was trying to kill him and tear him apart. His brother was just desperately calling for help. This dream was so vivid and clear that when the merchant woke up covered by his own sweat and trembling, he had a really bad feeling about this.

"What happened?" asked him his wife. "Oh I've had a really bad dream about my brother. I think something bad is going to happen to him." he replied. "Don't hesitate my dear. Go to his place. The sun will rise in any minute now. Maybe you can save him, this must be a warning that God have sent you to save your blood." said to him his wife and went to prepare some food and clothes for her husband.

He did as she told him and went to his brother's place filled with doubts and fear. He has chosen the shortest way through the desert to get there as soon as possible. The heat was terrible, no sign of wind, just a merciless sun.

The merchant suddenly heard something like a human voice. "That must be the heat bringing some illusions to my head." told he to himself and kept walking. Then he heard that again and decided to go in that direction, cause it didn't seem too far.

In a few minutes he arrived to a small bush and saw a man lying in it's shadow. The man looked terrible. His face was burned by the sun and he looked totally exhausted. The merchant quickly took some cakes and water he had in his satchel, put it next to the man and gently tried to wake him up, touching his shoulder. "Hey mister, hey...get up and have some food!"

The man woke up and barely understood the voice of the merchant. He used the last bits of his strength and managed to eat and drink a bit. After that he suddenly fell on the sand again unconscious. "Oh no, c'mon my friend...get up and eat or you won't be able to go any further from here." the merchant tried to wake the poor man again and grabbed his hand.

The man woke up again and this time he felt a bit better and has eaten all the food the merchant gave him. "May the Lord bless you stranger, thank you for your help. I would die here if it wasn't for you." thanked the man and after that they parted of their ways.

After a few moments when the mysterious man was far behind, the merchant realized that he doesn't feel all the fear about his brother at all. He felt somehow light and happy after this meeting.

The sun was slowly hiding behind the mountains when the merchant arrived to his brother's village. His brother was healthy and well all the time. Nothing odd or dangerous happened. "Ahaha, yeah it was probably just that my silly wife made me so worried cause of one weird dream." thought the merchant.

He spent the night at his brother's house and next day he went back home..."

Now please take a look at the Bible or find it somewhere on the Internet and read please 1 Kings 19:2-8.

God bless you!

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